Over 1 million Nigerians and other African countries turn to the Internet to find information about a company, its product or services when they're ready to buy.


How many of them are able to find your business ? is another great product brought to you by ACTEN Technologies which provided you a platform to promote your businesses and introduce yourself in local and international market. In this way all those who dont know about you will be able to find you easily.


What is is part of today's fastest growing form of communication - the Internet, and offers you an easy and affordable way to get your business online and reach new customers. is a valuable Trade hub that provides consumers with the information they need.


Consumers use to;


Search for suppliers of products and services.

Contact publishers of items directly.

Use all social networks available to share products they are interested to buy.

It's easy for consumers to search and find a companies and their product or service anywhere in Nigeria and other countries. If you want to reach the customer who is actively looking for you - is where you need to advertise.


It is easy and affordable way to get your business online . . .


We have targeted over 6000,000 item listings before end of the year, updated daily. It's the best place to go on the Web to find businesses. Lots of information, logically organised, easy to find. In one single place - We provide the same trusted and convenient one-stop source for all your information needs online - whether you are looking for a forklift dealer in Lagos, Colleges in Enugu or the best health facilities for your next transaction.


An all-in-one solution . . .


If you're looking to get your business online and take advantage of the power of the Internet, you will find a suitable package for advertising your business on For more information on advertising fill our Contact form below. Advertising. offers you the opportunity to profile your business using our apps. It allows you to describe the product(s) or service(s) you offer, inform customers about the details of the product (s) or services. We can also provide you with a map to direct customers rightly to your office location!

Presentation & Advertising Plan:

Code. Ad0/91. 320x200 pixels company Profile, product(s) and service(s) Presentation at the bottom of all pages

including link to your website. (A package ₦75,000.00/6Months)


Code. Ad4/42. Company Logo with links on slide show Banner of Facetradin Online Shop front page. (₦5000.00/Month).


Code. Ad5/03. Product(s) or service(s) on the top front page Premium slide Banner. (₦5000.00/Month)