What to look for in a Hiking Global positioning system

Heading off into the woods for a hiking trip? Every year you hear stories of lost walkers, campers, and mountain climbers. One way to prevent such a scenario has a hiking GPS. There are lots of hiking GPS review sites to help explain the features of each model 1000Pip Climber System Review. However, what features are important for your outdoors adventure?

A hiking GPS is useless on your trip if the map does not cover your travel area. Some hiking GPS systems offer downloads available for different maps and locations. In addition, some offer topographical map downloads available; very handy in rugged forests. Other units are basic, offing longitude and latitude, relying on you to carry the map and determine your exact location.

A Global positioning system is also useless if its to cumbersome to bring on your rise. Weight and size are critical, and a balancing aspect in determining other features. Lighter is better, but will have a trade off in features, screen size and quality, and battery life. Choose a hiking GPS that has the features you will need, but is still light enough that it will not get left back at camp.

Battery life is an additional factor when choosing the right hiking GPS for your adventure. If you are camping with a generator or rv, and only taking 1-2 hour nature hikes, battery life is not critical. If you are performing a three day mountain climb, battery life is really important. Look for a GPS with a battery life twice as long as you anticipate needing, and all should be well. More battery life is better, but will come with a trade off in features and weight.

Finally, consider other features you may decide. Color screens are handy and safer to read. Some hiking GPS systems track your way, nice for assisting you get where you’re going back and tracking what steps to yet to go. Information such as sun/moon series, and hunting/fishing series are available, with an increase of features being added all the time.

As a GPS consumer, you must weigh these factors, as well as price, to determine the proper hiking GPS for you. If your needs are basic, a wrist watch GPS tracking your longitude and latitude works wonders with a quality map. Others will need the full features from a modern day hiking GPS. The option is yours;; choose wisely and a hiking GPS will help your forests adventure end in a safe and exciting trip.