Zero Cost Methods to Boost Your business Marketing

Consider this article as a letter from a friend who maintains a website for their own business, and wants to give out some time/cost-saving methods he employs — at zero cost — to get more value from his website Binary Options Trading Strategy PDF.

The following Tools/Methods Can make Using your Site Easier/Less Expensive

In considering the resources featured here, you should keep in mind the fact that your capacity to use them on your website may be determined to some extent by the type of website hosting package/functions you have purchased from your host. For those whoever website hosting packages do not let the easy use of these tools, I describe the very useful alternative of Remotely Managed CGI Scripts and Resources towards the end of this article.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that we provide descriptions of the resources featured in this article for your information only. I cannot guarantee they will satisfy your desires in any way.

There are many other scripts that do similar work available on the net. I have only described these ones because they are the ones I take advantage of — or purchase.

If you opt to download and use them on your website, you will be doing so at your own risk. I have however used them all at least one time, and currently use most of them/have done so for over a couple of years — which is why I can recommend them.

Membership is a feature that enables visitors to your website become members by completing a simple registration web form. Registered visitors will subsequently be able log in to restricted areas of your website using get access details they would have specificed when signing up. You can even have two or more numbers of membership(for instance Free/Basic and Paid/Premium).

Using this feature, you can enable your website provide member specific content like deals, articles, email newsletters, and other interactive content. Offering membership on your website will definitely set it apart from a great many others which do not.

One nice CGI screenplay I’ve found quite useful to easily and safely offer membership on my websites is called Membership Manager. This programs uses HTACESS web browser based get access authentication(regarded as the safest form of security password protection on the Internet) to protect your restricted members-only directories from unauthorised access.

Membership Manager, comes in two variants — LITE(Free) and PRO.

A. It allows the proprietor to use a control panel to administer user accounts of members (who will also be on their automated newsletter emailing list).

B. The members have get access ID and Security password of their choice automatically used in creating a website membership be the cause of them when they sign-up.

C. Paid Ongoing Management is possible. If someone has paid for twelve months access, you can setup a 12 months member account access to a security password restricted members area on your website where some premium content may be accessed.

D. Also, the machine at the expiry of the 12 months ongoing period, automatically disables the appropriate member’s account — and informs the member and the owner.

E. In the PRO version, members can automatically retrieve lost account details using a link provided on the site.